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About Us

Sunfine UV lighting Co.,Ltd  was founded in 2005, Sunfineí»s growth has been founded on high levels of customer service and satisfaction.

The business is designed to supply specialist lighting products. The Key product sectors we presently cover include UV Germicidal Lamp,mainly use for  water treatment,air sterilization, etc. detail as follows,

  • Amalgam Lamps
  • Ballasts
  • Compact Lamps
  • Germidal  UV Lamps 
  • High-Output Lamps
  • Ozone Lamps 
  • Proprietary Bases and Sockets
  • Quartz Sleeves
  • U-Lamps
  • Reptile lamps(UVB lamp) 
  • Aquarium lamps
  • Narrow band uvb light
  • HVAC UV system
  • Blacklight blue lamp

We also offer customized, proprietary lamps and fixtures

Working in partnership with our clients, we can develop system-level designs that consider each systemí»s ambient operating conditions, UV watts, operating life, and other essential performance criteria. Customized, proprietary lamps can be designed by altering each lampí»s characteristics such as:

  • Lamp length
  • Lamp diameter
  • Power
  • Proprietary bases
  • Fitting sockets

Through our unique proprietary design approach, we can ensure that our clients receive the optimal product for each specific application.

At Sunfine ,we relish the opportunity to source the unusual and deliver the seemingly impossible on time, first time, every time!

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